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The ML series of industrial gearboxes can drive large machines with a torque range of up to 1480 kNm and reliably. We are always ready to provide customized solutions for your specific application.


1 . ML series

- Easy to maintain inclined gear gearbox and conical gearbox - inclined gears for large machines. Easy assembly, easy start-up, and ease of maintenance are all essential elements for the machine and system user or original equipment manufacturer to consider. The ML series industrial gearboxes fully have these three advantages.

In addition to the high usability, the ML series also has an extremely powerful cabinet. In addition to high usability, the ML series also has an extremely powerful body. This means that inclined gear and conical - inclined gears can be used for large non-standard and special gear reducers for the full range of industrial applications.

The ML series industrial gearbox has eight specifications and models, offering you a wide range of optional applications. As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial gearboxes, we are able to offer you the most innovative and flexible reducer available. Using the principles of welded structures, we are ready to customize the solution for your specific application.

- Easy to expand at both ends

The features are: Various modules can be connected to the inputs and outputs of the ML series industrial gearboxes. Other parts and part constructions can also be attached to both ends of a continuous shaft. It's easy to adjust tilting and conical gearing - tilting gears without investing too much time and money. We offer you the following options:

  • Engine pump
  • Pump end shaft
  • Water cooler
  • Air cooler
  • Lubricating piping system

2 . Contact us

  • SEW experts understand your industry and related requirements.
  • A global network makes us ubiquitous and able to serve you anytime, anywhere.
  • With expertise and tools, we give you the best advice and support.

3 . Your advantage

  • Unique adaptability
  • For unique situations different mounting options are available, thanks to the welded steel frame.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Thanks to the separate line, the cabinet is easy to disassemble and easy to maintain.
  • Rapid response
  • Thanks to SEW Drive Technology Center's global network

4 . Characteristics

  • 8 specifications
  • With independent industrial reducer line
  • Helical gearbox and bevel gear reducer
  • Strong flexibility thanks to welded box structure
  • Easy maintenance thanks to parting line on all gearboxes
  • Suitable for horizontal installation positions
  • All connection elements available in the market can be connected to inputs and outputs
  • The increased center spacing is selectable for crane applications.

5 . Technical data

Gearbox type reducer


Speed ratio i

Rated torque MN2 kNm

MC.P .. gearbox inclined gear reducer

2-, 3-, 4-

5.6 – 315

470 - 1 480

MC.R .. Gear Gear Conical Gear - Tilt Gear :

3- , 4-

14 – 280

470 - 1 480

6 . Application range

  • Reliable and flexible ML series of inclined gear and conical gear reducers - inclined gears provide basic and customized solutions:
  • Belt drive for bulk material handling technology
  • Motion installation of crusher
  • Crane structure (reducer box for lifting and throwing)
  • For all non-standard and custom industrial machines
  • Exploiting industry
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