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Industrial electrical cabinet

Industrial electrical cabinet

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Please contact us Anh Minh Long Co., Ltd, manufacture and install electrical cabinets, industrial electrical cabinets, prestige, quality, best price. With a dedicated and attentive customer care team, will answer all questions and help customers choose the most suitable product.


Types of common electrical cabinets

  • Main distribution electrical cabinet for works (MSB)
  • Central control cabinet
  • Switched electrical cabinets - ATS
  • Distribution electrical cabinet (DB cabinet)
  • Fire protection electrical cabinet
  • Lighting control cabinet
  • Capacitor cabinet
  • Application of electrical cabinets

Electrical cabinets are used to control machinery, equipment and electric motors. The use of industrial electrical cabinets is used to manage and protect the most stable machines. Types of industrial electrical cabinets have many advantages: large capacity, high durability, best control for electric motors. Control cabinets are widely used in different spaces such as: water pump factories, factories or large industrial zones.

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