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1 . The parallel shaft inclined gear gearbox is explosion-proof

  • For your application with high explosion potential and limited installation space, the F series reducers are designed to comply with ATEX regulations and have a power range from 130 Nm to 18,000 Nm.
  • Compact and powerful - explosion-proof gearboxes can be installed in tight spaces.
  • Our explosion-proof parallel shaft inclined gear gearbox is suitable for type II2GD equipment. Offers a wide variety of mounting forms and variants available, broad range of applications. Even under difficult conditions like gas and dust, it can be adapted. Does not break features. Our gearboxes provide: maintenance-free, long service life and non-wear gears with high durability.
  • Explosion-proof parallel axial inclined gear gearboxes feature outstanding, torque ratings ranging from 130 Nm to 18,000 Nm used in a wide range of conveying and machining applications.
  • Optional leg mounting, flange mounting or shaft mounting. A low-response parallel shaft tilting tandem gearbox can be used for precise position control.
  • Products personalized with predefined configuration
  • Personalized product details
  • CAD data and documentation according to your configuration
  • Option to request a direct quote or order. 

2 . Your welfare

  • Low space requirements
  • Simple and compact design.
  • Widely used in various conditions
  • 11 specifications (F27 to 157) and a large number of variations satisfy different requirements.
  • Great performance
  • Low backlash design for torque output from 200 to 18,000 Nm

3 . Characteristics

  • The unit of equipment complies with Directive 94/9 / EC (ATEX) or EU Directive 2014/34 / EU (ATEX) as of April 20, 2016, Equipment Group II, Class 2, Variant II2GD
  • For the EU market
  • Chinese recognition
  • Accredited by Russia, combined with EAC certification
  • Certified Protection Type:
  • Protection type "c": safe structure protection (safe design), EN13463-1 and -5
  • Protection type "k": immersion protection, EN13463-1 and -8
  • Standardized enclosure as lock disc for deceleration protection
  • Tighten all screws to prevent accidental loosening
  • Gear box with its own nameplate
  • High quality oil seal
  • Lubricating oil can withstand high temperatures
  • Simple design for small installation space
  • Provides low backlash
  • Variations available:
  • Foot or flange mounted
  • Attach a B5 or B14 flange
  • Solid or hollow shaft
  • Hollow shaft with groove connection, lock disc, hollow shaft with coupling. 
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