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- The screw pump operates on a fairly simple principle, when the engine is connected, the pump starts to work, the pump starts to flow into the pump chamber, the screw fluctuates in the pump chamber creating pressure to push the pump out. discharge from the discharge port, and this pumping process continues until the pump stops working.
- The screw chemical pump, or commonly known as the chicken gut chemical pump, is a special pump composed of: the main unit is a helical shaft combined with a seal, rotor and stator to drive. and make the pump work.


1. Structure of screw pump:

The screw chemical pump is mainly used for food and pharmaceutical pumps.

The screw chemical pump is suitable for pumping corrosive, waste, highly abrasive substances, acids, bases, hot concentrated acids, concentrated acids and many other special fluids.

In particular, the screw chemical pump is a type of pump used to push liquids with very high viscosity and strong corrosive properties.

The structure is very simple.

The pump has a long service life, long continuous working time, and great working efficiency.

The screw type chemical pump offers excellent stability during operation.

The working temperature of the pump reaches 120 degrees Celsius.


2. application

Waste treatment: wastewater, raw water, treated water, water classification, mud pump, precipitate, lime milk

- Application of pumping rice flour, flour and food flour.

- Chemical and petrochemical industry: Pine resin, reagent, sulphate, crude oil, caustic substance (sodium hydroxide), acid, biodiesel oil, FO oil, waste oil ...

- Seafood processing industry: Wastewater, fishmeal, minced fish, cooking oil, fish oil, wastewater after making fish

- Shipbuilding industry: Mud mixed with oil, dirty water at the bottom of ships, sea water

- Pulp and paper industry: Pulp, cellulose, glue, varnish, starch

- Mining industry: Wastewater in mines, sludge, lime milk

- Construction: mortar, batite, cement

- Ceramic Industry: Porcelain mud, kaolin, enamel, and lake

- Industrialization of cosmetics: Soap, cream, toothpaste, shampoo, detergent

- Production of wine: raw grape juice, grape juice, wine

- Production of beer and beverages: juice juice, beer residue, beer, yeast ...

- Oil industry: oils, olive oil

- Agriculture and biotechnology: Technology for processing dry food, fertilizer, grain, wheat ...

- Manufacture of confectionery: Fermentation agent, pastes, baking powder, honey water, dentistry, chocolate, cream, honey, candy powder

- Food and dairy industries: Tomato juice, juice, vegetable oil, honey, dairy products

- Animal and poultry slaughterhouses: minced meat broth, slaughter water, bone broth and meat

- Paint and batit powder industry: Pigments, solvents, inks, paints

- Sugar industry: Juice from sugarcane, turnip, glucose, molasses, alcohol, ethanol

=> Similar to other chemical pumps, screw chemical pumps have many applications in life and modern industries.


3. Other models of screw pump:


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