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Asynchronous motors three-wheeled DMPG RANGE FREQUENCY CONVERSION
- Product introduction
The DMPG series frequency variable three-phase asynchronous motor is the latest high-performance motor in which the company combines the advantages of variable frequency motors and roller motors. Its construction is carried out according to the latest international design concepts, and it is self-developed on the basis of a DM series three-phase asynchronous motor.

1. Features features and product advantages

DMPG series frequency conversion three-phase asynchronous motor has large load-bearing capacity, high mechanical strength, wide range of speed regulation, wide popularity. It is suitable for working conditions when needing regular braking and adjusting frequency conversion speed.

2 . Main specifications

  • DMPG series three-phase asynchronous motor is installed the same size as IEC standard and its installation dimensions are identical to Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor. The main performance is as follows:
  • Rated voltage 380V, rated frequency 50Hz, voltage and frequency can also be determined according to needs;
  • Motor frequency conversion range is 1 ~ 100Hz. 1 ~ 50Hz is the constant torque speed regulation and 50 ~ 100Hz is the constant energy speed regulation. It is also suitable for non-frequency conversion occasions or to define the lateral frequency range as required by the user.
  • The motor can be operated in S1 ~ S9 working mode. Data in the data sheet created continuously by source S1 is for reference only when the user chooses the model;
  • The motor insulation class is F class, and can also be fabricated for H class when needed. The degree of protection is IP54, and it can also be fabricated into IP55, IP56, IP65, etc. The cooling method is IC411 (with a cooling fan);
  • The junction box is located at the top of the base, and can also be made as a right socket or as a 4 socket;
  • The motor can be installed with photoelectric encoder, tachogenerator, electromagnetic brake, etc. upon request.

3. Main application areas

Can be used extensively

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